What domains uses program FreeDomainsPro?


What domains uses program FreeDomainsPro

In this article, I’ll tell you exactly what the program intercepts domains FreeDomainsPro. Online, there are 4 options (as I know) mining domains for its white, gray, black projects are:
1. Buy domain.
2. Hacking sites.
3. Register free free-domain level 3 and above.
4. Interception already registered domains other network users (the program FreeDomainsPro, example).

With the option of buying the domain, everything is clear. There is nothing we will not paint.

Hacking sites separate black theme, this we do not climb, as we work with the gray method of production domains.

The third option of course is free, as you are given the opportunity to receive free, fees for services, domain / sub-domain of the third level or higher. The most popular services where you can do this:
3. And so on.

And the last option – it is the interception of domains already registered by someone. I’ll tell you a little bit more about that option.
Consider a situation that we want to buy a domain and open your site running any shop or blog. We go to some not-be registrar, for example register second-level domain for example in the area of “.ru”, buy it for 590 RUB. (there are options where to buy cheaper, but now it does not matter). Buy hosting or in the same or anywhere else for example, are If elsewhere, we need to register the address of our DNS server hosting or domain registrar, which we bought. Prescribes DNS.

The next step will be the question of the site itself. CMS for your site or samopis. Then, it often happens that at this stage we understand the domain that we are not to climb, because it does not handle it. Getting access different web-masters, etc. I will not pull out, the point is that we are hammering our domain and bought unfulfilled dream of making your blog or store.

In the end, it turns out that the network is walking a domain name that is tied to a particular DNS by hosting or server, but not assigned to account.

Conclusion Why is the domain name will just walk, it should be used!

FreeDomainsPro program designed specifically for mass interception of domains registered, but forgotten, downtrodden, abandoned, lonely.

What are the advantages of these domains?
Intercepted domains, NO NEED TO BUY (at least until the end of their life, about this later). They have someone bought and even spelled out DNS addresses, FreeDomainsPro program analyzes the domain and determines what can be used and under what kind of hosting company or server. All we need is to buy a server or hosting, or use a free hosting (there are, for example for the domains which the program will list after treatment.

And in the program and add it to its ISP or panel, if the purchase or hosting server, either manually or with automation, e.g. ZennoPoster, login on the free-hosting.

Everything is ready, the domains can be used for their own purposes or for the doorways or to sattelitov, or pads, or white projects. Statistics show that 70% of these domains goes expired, this means that if you have a white design and carries you a lot of money, it will be possible to have outbid the registrar to issue the m for Reg Fee (Amount equivalent to the fee for registration of a domain) !

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